A unique approach, lasting results

Encourage self-esteem

Motivate women to give them confidence in their means. Support them in their commitment to achieve financial self-reliance in a sustainable way, with pride and assurance.

Train to achieve full potential

Offer professional training (web platform and group sessions) and a personalized counseling to enable women to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to start their own business. The expertise of our partners emerging from the business and university communities help add constant value to the program.

Provide workshops and personalized counseling to women who are planning to pursue their education or return to the workplace.

Make sure that our counselors receive the best training from experts in the different fields related to entrepreneurship and business.

Support by financing

Provide participants with the possibility to obtain financial support through microloans in order to finance their business project, or financial support to help them complete their post-secondary education.

“Thanks to the Lise Watier Foundation, I’m now a full-time entrepreneur and I’m completely fulfilled in what I do!”