Great women. Often difficult paths. Examples of determination and courage, a sincere desire to change things, efforts and lots of hard work. And of course, dreams come true.

That’s what the Lise Watier Foundation is all about.

Our participants share their experience of the program

The following testimonies confirm that your support concretely helps women here regain their self-esteem and trace their path towards self-reliance.


“The Let’s Start Up program allowed me to leave an environment that was not favorable to me. Thanks to it, I was able to structure my project and to value myself as a woman. Today, I can dive head first into my entrepreneurial adventure, and it’s intoxicating!”


“The warm and human welcoming of the program has really made a difference. All of the counselors’ positive energy and enthusiasm has been contagious and each time, I would bring back this amazing energy home. At the end of each class, I felt I could accomplish anything!”


“Go ahead, believe in your dream because anything is possible, really ANYTHING! Never, at 60, I would’ve thought it was possible… Thanks to the Let’s Start Up program, I’m out of my shell, I understand my full potential and I know I will make it.”


“The Let’s Start Up program has helped me figure out where I belong. Acknowledging my strengths has sparked all sorts of possibilities for me and my family. I feel like I’m where I need to be, at the right moment. All of this is way beyond my expectations!”


“Throughout the program, I’ve had the chance to be surrounded by inspiring women and professional counselors. Alone, I never would’ve made it; I can finally do what I really love.”

“I’m so grateful for Lise Watier Foundation’s financial support. Thanks to it, I am able to accomplish myself and to live again. I am proud of where I am today and know that my children are too. And that… that’s priceless.”