Message from our founder

Together, let’s encourage the autonomy of women in difficulty.

The sky is so vast that we cannot explore it alone.

The road is sometimes so tough that we cannot walk it alone. But all journeys lead to the destination as long as we find support during the storm.

When geese take flight, they fly in a V shape. A dynamic formation which braves dangers and pierces clouds. Grouped in this way, they fly faster and confront bad weather. Each in turn, they take the head of the formation and ensure that they always support those who are injured or weak.

This demonstration of altruism and devotion inspires us, and we believe it should influence our daily lives. This solidarity inspired us to create the Let’s Start Up program. With this program, we want to help women to take flight, to support those in difficulty and to travel together towards the same goal. This final destination is nothing less than success, independence, self-accomplishment and happiness.



Lise Watier
Founder of the Lise Watier Foundation