Our Mission

Created in 2009, the Lise Watier Foundation is driven by the desire to restore abilities to women living in a state of economic or social vulnerability, to help them build their own future to the size of their needs, talents and aspirations.

By providing them with concrete ways to develop their skills, we offer women the tools they need to develop their professional potential and achieve financial independence in a sustainable manner.

It is through training, individual coaching and financial support that the program helps these women to excel and to ensure a better future for themselves and their children.

Still today, the face of poverty in Quebec remains mostly feminine. Women are occupying the majority of the precarious jobs and are at the head of 85% of single-parent families. 21% of these mothers live under the poverty benchmark.

Our Values

The following values are at the heart of all reflections and actions of the Lise Watier Foundation :


Recognition and understanding of the value and unique contribution of each individual, with empathy and without judgment.


A promise to invest and contribute with passion and generosity towards achieving individual and collective well-being.


Mutual support, teamwork and pooling of strengths and experiences so that together, we make an impact and make a difference.

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